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Tears for Fears, (closing part)

There's a silence within the space of this time
not waiting, not wanting, just standing sublime
a reflection of tired eyes, softened and wet

looking at empty dreams, watching and yet
from memories arising that cloud up my soul
and stir my emotions for i've nowhere to go
i've seen a lot with these circle dark eyes
been loved and been left I am not surprised
two hands scarred and toughened
proud wounds like the heart
the hands can make fists, but the self falls apart
not wanting to anger, not wanting to rage,
endlessly crucified: society's cage
the mirror's reflection bearing no smile,
shrouded in darkness like some ancient isle
stretching out moments of time and of space
feeling hot tears disfigure the face
a sonata in solitude like some lonely bar
calling in vagrants who also bear scars
humming some rhythm of melancholy thought
for dreams yet undreamt and wars yet unfought
the light fades out slowly from the windowpane's eyes
and the sun sinks down lowly behind the hillsides
and empty reflection that does not remain
haunted and haunting by sweet teardrop stains...
hhunt48 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2014  Student General Artist
So i decided not to photograph this one; across the gulf of more than 20 years, sometimes i still feel like this.
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Submitted on
January 13, 2014